Secret sibling sneaker supervision

The first Iranian film to be nominated the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, Children of Heaven makes its plot clear from the very first scene of a cobbler and a boy. This boy is Ali and the shabby school sneakers being repaired are his younger sister Jahra’s. On the way home Ali misplaces the bag with the shoes. Jahra and Ali decide to keep the loss secret from their parents to save their father from the impossible expense of a new pair. To manage school, the two share Ali’s sneakers – Jahra goes to school in the morning and comes running home to hand over the shoes to Ali so he can run to school at noon. As much as they try and as hard as they run, Ali cannot reach school on time and is caught coming in late by the headmaster for two consecutive days. A possible solution looms in when the school children’s footrace offers new sneakers as third prize. Ali enters the race, promising his sister the new pair of shoes. But it is difficult to strategically make to third and Ali unintentionally ends up first with the prize of a camp tour. Worse, their only set of sneakers has been worn further in the footrace. As the winner, Ali is the centre of attention for journalists, photographers and TV cameras, but they mean nothing to him.

Children of Heaven
Director: Majid Majidi
Writer: Majid Majidi
Release Date: January 22, 1999
Genre: Comedy Drama